Project Description

Carara National Park+ Crocodile Tour Combo

Carara Biological Reserve is a transitional forest between the Topical Dry Forest regions to the north and the more Humid Pacific Rainforest to the south. Relatively small, spanning on y 4,700 hectares, the Carara National Park is one of the few remaining breeding grounds for the majestic scarlet macaw which can easily be spotted in the early morning and late afternoon hours. You will find monkeys, collared aracaris raccoons, coatis and many different species of birds. The crocodile tour is a unique adventure located In the Central Pacific Region This tour will take you up and dawn the Tarcoles River aboard a very safe boat. It offers visitors the opportunity to observe American crocodiles up to four meters in length! You win also observe a variety of species ranging from terrestrial birds to Iguanas and basiliscos.

LOCATION Tarcoles 25 min drive north of Jaco Beach
INCLUDES Park entrance fee, transportation roundtrip, bilingual guide, bottle of water, croc tour fee
RECOMMENDATIONS Comfortable clothes, sneakers, sun glasses, bugs, repellent, camera
PICK UP TIME 7:00 am



Min. people